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Welcome to my first website &quot;Vit&quot;

Ювелирный бренд Welcome to my first website "Vit"

категории: Graver

Hello dear user!



   Let me introduce myself my name is Vitaly Kulikov, I am 35 years old, the education of the Artist-master, engraver, graduated from the school of COHOM in 2006. I live in Cherepovets, in the Vologda region of the Russian Federation.



    On our website, you can order the production of master jewelry to order, or presented in the catalog models of products. You can also order individual engraving for your jewelry. A beautiful phrase, a memorable inscription, just a name or even a small picture - the master will perform engraving of any complexity, and Your gift to a loved one will be unique.



Welcome to my first website, please consider viewing and cooperation, order or purchase to promote the profession of master, and find something new! 

Sincerely, Vitaly.

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